My credit card bill just arrrived and it indicates I have been charged for a yearly susbcription to Washington Post.

I have not ordered such a subscription and if I did I would have gone for the teacher's price rather than $100 dollars for the online price. I do not understand how this happened.

I never received any invoice in paper or electronically.


I received a reply that they mailed me an invoice before the date. I checked my email and did not discover one which means it was probably caught and deleted by junk as an advertisement etc. In the meanwhile, they still have not refunded the $100 bill. What is ironic, they offer a reduced 50 dollar reduced subscription for teachers at academic institutions.

My email is obviously one. Yet they billed me a hundred dollars. I did not order it and I have not yet received a refund looking at my credit card. I am puzzled that they had access to my credit card unless it was through google.

This is very concerning. I do not know what my next step such be except to repeat my complaint.

Francis .

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

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