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Just canceled my subscription to the WP. I read the paper on my Apple iPhone.

The article headlines are too small. I have 20-20 vision however, I have to squint & put my phone up to my eyes to resd/see the headline. The type font is too small to easily read the headlines.This creates frustration & results in my not reading the articles available to me. I just flip to The NY Times.Take a good look at the NY Times Headlines-The type font is easy to read.

Additionally, breaking Post news stories run on the Apple feed 1st & Im unable locate the articles in my subscription feed until much later. It makes no sense to keep my subscription.Ive kept my subscription with the Post for a long time & am very sorry to cancel. If you make the changes in your format and the availability of breaking stories in my subscription feed rather than reading them on the Apple feed I will re-subscribe. This is what I pay for & Im not receiving it.

If changes are made please let me know. Sorry to go Patricia

Preferred solution: Notification of format changes are made so I can re-subscribe. Your format is not easy. Take a good look at the New York Times and see their entire layout. It’s easy to navigate. I love the Post however .

The Washington Post Cons: Unreadable format, Unable to read.

Location: Santa Barbara, California

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