I know you don't fact check, but your story that says the Sharpies being given out at Arizona voting polls is not a lie. The Sharpie marked ballots were invalidated by the ballot recording machine.

This meant the ballots had to be manually counted and handled by the staff of the Supervisor of Elections Adrian Fuentes a Democrat. On the 3rd several Sharpies were given--voters were told the ballots would be counted by Election Supervisor's staff. These machine rejected ballots-- gave them the opportunity to see and count ballots. Very problematic in that Adrian Fuentes was up for reelection and his name is on the ballot.

1) To allow him or even his staff to count these machine rejected ballots manually while he is running for reelection on the ballot is a conflict of interest and could very well create fraud or a corruptible election situation. 2) Why would an election Supervisor create a scenario where--knowing Sharpies do no read well in the voting machine--why not just use what polls over the years have used--ball point pens? 3) Interestingly, the Sharpies appeared at polls on voting day 11/3. Traditionally, Republicans and Independents vote in person on election day.

With this years issues early democratic voters were the large % of early in person. I am an Independent and am not stupid. When I voted on the 10/30 last day for early voting ball point pens abounded. I cast my vote for President Trump.

Over 400 people (I say this because our Attorney General said this morning that that was how many people so far had contacted his office complaining) have said that they were given Sharpies at the polls on 11/3 and ballots rejected by the voting machine. This is not OK and it's not a fake story. 4) I just think that a strategic error creating mechanism was set up for in person voters on election day. They are currently investigating if specific districts received the Sharpies!

I live on the border of Mesa and Gilbert. I am African American 5) We also have

azmyvote.com so after you vote you can check the status of your ballot if it has been counted or still says rejected. Many people say the ballots that did not go through the machine still say rejected on the website. 6) Let's say that the heavy Maricopa County Republicans and Independents that voted on 11/3 were manually counted as they are doing right now and some of the late early voters like me.

If the corruption in the Supervisor's office is wide spread what if these manual count ballots machine rejected ballots of REPs or even people who didn't vote for Adrian Fuentes who is on the ballot running for reelection-what if intimidation or other corruption tells staff to reject votes that didn't vote for him or just Republican ballots?

7) Either way, this is just wrong. We are not in 3rd grade! Why would Sharpies be put out on voting day?

Ball point pens is standard. I saw them at my polling place which is more situated close to Mesa more Democratic area.

8) I don't think Mr. Fuentes should have very deceptively put Sharpies at polls.

This is not integrity of our election process. I will be praying for my dear and our beloved President. I am going to complain about Adrian Fuentes obvious conflict of interest.

When FOX news called our state, I couldn't believe it as I was looking at only 40% reporting. I will not be disenfranchisement by fraud.

God Bless you but the Sharpies were placed in polls by our Arizona Election Supervisor who said they used them because they dry faster on ballots. If that's the case ball point pens don't need to dry!

Preferred solution: Retraction that the Sharpies story was not true!.

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