If you must know the first pallets that were counted all the people that did early voting. So the day after election all the votes I came in from those that went into the polls to vote were Counyt today after.

So therefore your president the post it and kept saying on media all *** he was winning by a landslide is to get people like you to think that everybody else is lying and the Democrats to eat it. This is a man they cannot stand to lose anything. He will cheat, he will gravel, he will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. He has cheated his way through life.

You are the kind of people thats refusing to wear a mask therefore youre not inconsiderate for those around you. The mass does not cure Covid but the mass does help the spread. So following the president, that has already contracted the virus is leading people to miss believe. He started from the beginning letting all you know that there is no virus the virus is fake.

This man does not care about the people this man only cares about his pocket. And people like you are blind it and refuse open up your eyes and see. You dont see people dying from Covid? You dont see the elderly getting really sick and not make it back from Covid?The Obama administration had placed a task force that deals with viruses in Covid and plagues and all the stuff and when President Trump came into office his goal was just remove everything that the former president had put in place where they was working or not because thats the kind of man he is.

So now everybody wants to complain about Covid but then they dont look at what he did by removing people that were placed there to allow this virus not to come to America by dealing with it the way they were supposed to. So continue to believe the lies from this president are you want all I can say is I pray for you

Location: Corona, California

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